Cool Presents That Show You Care

May 30, 2024

There’s no question that some people on your holiday list are really tough to cool presents for. They’ve got everything they want, and they’re always saying, “I don’t need anything.” But it doesn’t have to be impossible to find them a thoughtful, unique gift that shows you care. Tap into their interests: If they love to travel, a scratch map helps them visually track the places they’ve visited (you can choose 50 states, 71 cities or 16 countries). A custom ice cube stamp is a fun choice for a bartender; and if they take self-care seriously, a neck massager or washable silk pajamas are sure to please.

Cool Presents for Every Occasion: Elevate Your Gift Game

If they’re a foodie, they’ll flip for this book that’s filled with recipes for dishes that use whole ingredients and require no fancy kitchen appliances. And if they’re the kind of person who loves to host, they’ll appreciate this set that includes a wood tray and cheese knives for wine and cheese nights. If you know a Shark Tank success story, this eye-popping board is an instant hit. It lets them draw and paint on the surface with markers and erases easily with a damp cloth.

Show long-distance loved ones how much you care with these lights that glow when they touch each other. Or, give them a new hobby with this sewing machine that’s easy to learn and has 32 stitch applications. Plus, it comes in lots of colors to match their decor.