No Cure No Pay Collection Agency

November 17, 2023

The No Cure No Pay incassobureau allows our clients to start an out of court debt collection case without the fear of high costs. The customer pays our success fees only when the debt is successfully recovered. This provides a level of transparency and offers welcome security in the relationship between us and our client.

No cure no pay is an essential tool for many weaker actors ā€“ such as consumers or small-scale traders. The significant costs incurred in legal action deter them from seeking justice. This allows them to collect their claims and also enables them to reduce their own costs, leaving them more margin for investment and growth.

Risk-Free Collections: The Power of No Cure No Pay Direct Debit

Banning no cure no pay in the out-of-court context will result in a flood of useless actions ā€“ and more work for the bailiffs, which in turn will lead to higher legal costs. Taking into account that legal costs in judicial actions are public order tariffs, this would result in an increase in the overall legal cost burden for consumers and small-scale traders and will also channel more work to the overburdened tribunals, all to the considerable enrichment of a handful of bailiffs. This proposition of law does not seem to be in touch with or adapted to everyday reality. We therefore advise all businesses to choose a collection agency that works on a No Cure No Pay basis if they want to save money. Using a collection agency that operates nationally or internationally offers the opportunity to use the same collection strategy for all countries within a network of partners, which enables you to save even more money.