The Benefits of Temporary Stage Platforms

October 7, 2023

temporary stage platforms

When it comes to stages for performances and other events, having the right stage platform in place can make all the difference. This is especially true if you have a multipurpose space, such as a conference room or event hall, where it’s important to be able to adapt your facility to accommodate a range of activities. Temporary staging systems can help you do just that without disrupting your existing permanent structure.

One of the biggest benefits is that these platforms can be moved from room to room. This is helpful in both practice and performance environments because you can have the performers use a surface that they’re familiar with from session to session. This will help them feel comfortable and confident on stage during a live performance. Find out

Creating Impactful Events with Customizable Temporary Staging

Additionally, temporary stage systems can be used in spaces that don’t have a designated theater as well. This makes them a great option for churches, schools and other venues that host events that are not strictly theatre performances. This is particularly important in venues that have limited space for a stage and would otherwise be constrained by the architecture or other permanent design features of the room.

The portable stage risers that are available today are very easy to operate and provide excellent load bearing capabilities. They are also much safer and more stable than traditional staging methods, which is an added benefit for your patrons and participants alike. For example, our 4’ x 8’ Polyvinyl Stages have a turf coat finish and standard carpet and weigh only 107 pounds; the lightest in the industry. They rate at 175 PSF allowable live load and can be configured in endless combinations.