The Best Cold Press Juicer uk

December 12, 2023

best cold press juicer uk

Whether you want to start your day with a healthy smoothie or an energizing juice, a slow press juicer is one of the best kitchen appliances to own. They’re a quick and convenient way to get your five-a-day of fruit and vegetables and can help you avoid costly shop-bought options that are often filled with added sugar.

Juicers are divided into two main types, centrifugal and masticating. Centrifugal juicers spin ingredients against a fine mesh sieve so they break them down very quickly, and channel the liquid towards the juice spout. These tend to be cheaper and simpler to use, but are louder than masticating models.

Freshness in Every Sip: The Ultimate Cold Press Juicer Reviews for the UK Market

Masticating juicers grind and squeeze produce rather than blitzing it, which creates more nutritious juices and leaves a bone-dry pulp. They’re more expensive than centrifugal juicers but offer better value for money as you can make a larger amount of juice at once and extract more nutrients from your ingredients.

This nifty juicing machine from Nutribullet packs a lot of functionality into a small footprint. It’s designed to tackle veg that would normally give most slow juicers the runaround, and its auger is also designed to spin in reverse so you can unclog the feed chute in an emergency. It’s easy to clean too, and its lidded jug is suitable for storage.

A good-looking, high-performing juicer that combines a super-wide, wide-mouthed chute (wide enough to fit a whole orange) with a clever auto-cutting feature. It can be used at ten different speeds to cater for soft and hard fruits, plus has “Cold Spin” technology to minimize temperature increase, so the drinks you make are silky smooth and delicious.